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For over 35 years, Blue Chip Plumbing has been the trusted leader in backflow testing and prevention in Cincinnati and the tri-state area. Our expertise in managing backflow preventers ensures your water remains safe and contaminant-free. We offer easy scheduling and rapid response to meet your needs promptly. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or anyone in need of backflow services, our seasoned team is equipped to provide comprehensive solutions. With a focus on “backflow testing near me,” “backflow testing in Cincinnati,” and “backflow preventer,” we’re committed to delivering excellence and peace of mind. Don’t compromise on water safety – call us at (513) 999-6820 or fill out our scheduling form request today for reliable backflow prevention services tailored to your property.

Backflow Testing in Cincinnati Ohio

At Blue Chip Plumbing, we have provided essential plumbing services to Cincinnati area homes and businesses for over 35 years. Protecting the quality of our community’s water is central to our commitment to service excellence. That’s why backflow testing and prevention services are crucial offerings from our team of licensed, local plumbers.

As experienced specialists serving backflow testing in Cincinnati and beyond, Blue Chip Plumbing follows rigorous standards for annual testing, repairing issues promptly, and installing approved preventers to limit contamination risks. Read on to learn why we are Cincinnati homeowners’ and business owners’ go-to provider for reliable backflow solutions.


Water Backflow Prevention

Clean drinking water is essential to public health and safety. However, certain types of properties in Cincinnati like industrial facilities, irrigation systems, and fire suppression systems can allow polluted water to backflow into the public system if not properly protected.

State and local laws require annual testing of backflow preventers as well as repairing or replacing faulty devices. But ultimately, investing in professional testing and backflow prevention products protects the quality of water for our entire community. At Blue Chip Plumbing, backflow prevention is a key pillar of our vision for a safer, and healthier Cincinnati.

The Blue Chip Advantage: Backflow Testing Cincinnati

Our fully licensed and bonded Cincinnati plumbers have the expertise to address all your backflow testing, troubleshooting, repairs and installation needs. Here’s what sets Blue Chip Plumbing apart when it comes to professional backflow services:

  • A Trusted Local Presence
    With deep roots across Greater Cincinnati coupled with A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation, we are your reliable neighbors for all plumbing safety. Depend on us for accurate testing and backflow prevention tailored for your unique property’s system.
  • Quality Equipment and Methods
    From our computerized electronic gauges to custom-fitting new devices that meet regulatory standards, we utilize quality equipment and proven methodology for comprehensive backflow solutions.

Affordable Community Service

As a Cincinnati-based company, we care deeply about our community and believe that access to clean, contaminant-free water should be a basic right for all local families and businesses. We strive to make professional backflow testing and repairs affordable to Cincinnati property owners through competitive pricing tailored to meet different budgets.

Let Cincinnati’s backflow plumbers experts at Blue Chip Plumbing handle your annual testing and prevention needs while you focus on your property and peace of mind. Reach out today and search for backflow inspection near me to schedule affordable testing or repairs with our qualified team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to common questions about our backflow testing, installation, and repair services to help you make informed decisions:

Q: What are the backflow testing laws and requirements in Cincinnati?

In accordance with federal, state, and city regulations, all installed backflow prevention devices in Cincinnati properties must be tested annually by a certified professional. This mandatory testing ensures the devices are correctly protecting our public water infrastructure from potential contamination. A passed test is required by law to avoid water service interruption.

Q: Why is annual backflow testing so important for my Cincinnati property?

Properly functioning backflow devices are crucial for preventing your property’s irrigation, fire suppression, or industrial systems from allowing dangerous chemicals, pollutants, or non-potable water to backflow into drinking water lines. Getting your devices tested yearly gives you peace of mind that your systems won’t endanger community health.

Q: What does the backflow testing process entail?

When you book testing with Blue Chip Plumbing, our certified backflow technicians will first identify all installed devices. After turning off the water shutoff valves, we methodically check the pressure at each component using computerized electronic gauges to assess proper function with no leaks. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes with minimal disruption to your water service.

Q: What types of issues could come up during testing?

Some common problems our technicians identify include worn or defective internal parts allowing water to flow backwards during certain conditions or missing air gaps between valves that introduce siphoning risks. We’ll explain any issues in clear detail and provide compliant repair options with affordable pricing, saving you money over replacement costs when feasible.

Q: What if I need new backflow preventers installed?

Whether you’re constructing a new building in Cincinnati or renovating an existing property, the Blue Chip Plumbing team has the backflow solution know-how to size, select and install the appropriate devices to meet building codes affordably. Contact us to evaluate your project’s unique needs!