Water Heater Maintenance: Keeping Your Water Heater Running Efficiently

Have your water heater maintained by trusted professionals. Our experienced team ensures safe and efficient water heater maintenance in Cincinnati OH for a longer lifespan. Contact us today!

Water Heater Maintenance Signs

Below are some common signs that your water heater may need maintenance.

  • Fluctuating Water Temperature
  • Reduced Hot Water Flow
  • Water Leaks
  • Rusty Water
  • Foul Odors
  • Longer Heating Times
  • Rusty or Corroded Components


Water Heater Maintenance in Cincinnati OH

Regular water heater maintenance in Cincinnati OH can significantly increase the lifespan of your water heater, saving you money in the long run. Proper maintenance ensures your water heater operates at peak efficiency, providing consistent hot water when you need it. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, Blue Chip Plumbing is your go-to expert for all plumbing Cincinnati requirements.


Comprehensive Water Heater Maintenance Visit

During a Cincinnati OH water heater maintenance visit, a Blue Chip Plumbing professional will perform the following items:

  • Drain the water heater to remove calcium buildup
  • Check the anode rod for deterioration and corrosion
  • Check the T&P safety relief valve for proper operation
  • Check the water pressure for safe working pressures
  • Check the water temperature for safe operation
  • Check for safe drafting of the exhaust piping
  • Check the exhaust piping for deterioration
  • Check the electric heating elements for proper operation
  • Clean the burner assembly to maintain efficiency
  • Check the thermal expansion tank for safe operation
  • Check electrical connections for deterioration
  • Check water line piping for signs of wear and tear
  • Check gas piping for safe operation

Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

  • Prolonged Lifespan
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Safety
  • Consistent Hot Water Supply
  • Cost Savings

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